Here is my - hopefully - ever growing lists of tutorials.

This is where I'll share with you my secrets with working with craft foam and other materials I commonly used in my cosplays.

From the titles, you'll see that most of them you've already seen a tutorial or two on the subject... because I've seen them too and this is from what I started as well when I first approached craft foam armor for example. However, what I want to do here is push the tutorial a bit further than what you've seen up to now - trying to give you as much detailed information on the process and the result as well. Essentially tell you what I think was missing from the tutorial I've read and what would have made my cosplay construction a bit easier  :)

Enjoy !


General Craft Foam Tutorial

In this tutorial I just want to let you know how I've worked around the "craft foam stereotypes" - flimsy material, prone to torn at any unexpected moment, etc. There are ways to circumvent this and to make use of this cheap material to make great looking costumes.


Craft Foam Armor *

Most of you have already read the craft foam armor tutorial from EntropyHouse and this is one of my tutorial where I'm going to build of hers and try to give you more information and also a different finishing method (I won't be using Rub 'n Buff).

Oh and here is another craft foam armor tutorial that could interest you:

Amethyst-Angel Armor for the Fiberglass-Phobic


Leather from craft foam

Because of different project I've worked on - I found a way to reproduce leather using a specific finishing method on my craft foam props. Like most of my trade secrets, I've discovered this one by accident when I was in a rush over a cosplay and needed the paint job to be done very quicly :)


Craft Foam Finish

This one is dedicated to my "improved" finishing method. I call it the improved method because this is what I came up with when trying to find an alternative to EntropyHouse craft foam armor finish using Rub 'n Buff. It's also a tried and true method that can stand up to a lot of hardship.


Armor Patterning *

In this tutorial, I'll explain how important patterning and designing is when making a suit of armor.


Armor Strapping

In this tutorial, I'll go over how reusing medieval method of strapping your armor can come in handy when making armored cosplay. I'm just not a big fan of velcro to stick plates to the fabric parts of a costume - it's just not hanging right and ruin the hard work you've put in the fabric as well as the armor components of your costume.


Pipboy 3000 - Fallout 3

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to build a pipboy 3000 from Fallout 3 (the one you can wear on your forearm) in foam. The pipboy is built and designed to use an Ipod Touch or Iphone as the screen. You'll even find template you can print and screenshot of every screens in the game for your pipboy in all available colors.


Note that for the time being, the tutorial with an asterisk (*) are still under construction.

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