Character Name: Parn

Character Source: Anime - Record of Lodoss War OAV

Material Used:

  • Craft Foam
  • Pleather
  • Hot Glue
  • Bronze colored rope
  • a lot of patience :)

Estimated Total Price: $180 CDN

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Price won: Most Creative Use of Material - Novice at Otakuthon 07

The Story:

This is the second cosplay I put together and it's still so special to me (even if I find it difficult to wear it - since I know I can do so much better now  :)). Record of Lodoss War (the OAV) is the first ever Anime I ever watched. I'm really into fantasy/medieval/etc. stuff so I was hooked from the start with this Anime. I loved Parn, cause in some way I saw myself in him. At the time, I was searching for myself, I was clumsy, I was learning to be a better person, I was looking for someone to love, etc. So when I did Parn everything was just falling into place perfectly (still proud of that pleather color  :P).

The first time I put him on was for Anime Boston 07 - I just had a blast. Even if close to no one recognized me from such an old Anime - one "Lodoss fangirl" made my day by tracking me down through the whole con after catching a glispe of the yellow armor when she was waiting in line for a snack  :)


The Making:

I had never done armor before and I decided to go with the pleather over foam method - at the time I didn't really know how I was going to put everything together and feared the fact that it would look horrible if I only used craft foam sheets stuck together to make the armor - I needed something to hide all this and I found out about the pleather over foam thing. I tried it and loved it at the time :)  (now I perfected my finish on craft foam directly and I don't think I would reuse pleather over foam method for an armoring project).

This is my most picture documented project - lots of progress pictures. So you can see how I made the pattern for this armor - how I cut the pieces in craft foam - how I cut the pleather pieces - how I glued them to the craft foam armor pieces. Everything else is pretty much just wearing the armor and tips are covered in my Armor Strapping Tutorial.


If I had to do this all over again - as I said, I would not use pleather. I'd make this baby in craft foam only and paint it up using my now usual technique. I'd also improve the pattern and armor piece for the waist and tassets. I'd redo the greaves to be more form fitting and I'd reworked the sabatons. 

I plan on redoing this guy in the future - just don't know when though  :)


Parn - Cosplay Pictures


Parn - Reference Pictures


Parn - Progress Pictures