Orb Soldier


Character Name: Orb Soldier

Character Source: Anime - Gundam SEED Destiny

Material Used:

  • Fabric - cotton twill and pleather
  • Craft foam

Estimated Total Price: $50 CDN

Related Tutorials: None

The Story:

I needed a cosplay for Otakuthon 08, but it needed to be simple as I was going to be head of security for the main hall and every activities held there. It needed to be simple enough so I could put together 2 outfits in a small amount of time (as my wife was going to accompany me to the con and help me out on my tasks). I decided it needed to be a military outfit of some kind.

At that time - I had just finished showing Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny to my wife (I'm slowly educating her on Anime :P)... so we decided it would be cool making an outfit from Orb and so I did.


The Making:

 Nothing really special to say - I used the same pattern for the jacket as the one I had used for Maes Hughes 2 years back and it still fits quite nicely :).  I adjusted where necessary to get the collar and flaps of the jackets. Bias tape was used for all the grade marking on the jacket and I ordered the Orb patch from ebay. The cuffs were made from craft foam covered by black pleather.

The jacket was the only part that was made for this cosplay.

The pants were bought at Home Depot (painter's pants), shoes were my regular dress shoes, etc.

The belt was a nylon strap with a silver painted plastic buckle.


Orb Soldier - Cosplay Pictures


Orb Soldier - Reference Pictures