Character Name: Odin

Character Source: Video Games - Odin's Sphere

Material Used:

  • Fabric - cotton twill
  • Fabric Paint
  • Craft Foam
  • Hot Glue
  • Ductape

Estimated Total Price: 300$ CDN

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Prize won: Best in Class - Journeyman at Anime North 08

The Story:

This one started as a crazy idea from one of the Beyond Dreams Cosplay group member because she was just dying to do Gwendolyn's various outfit. However, instead of dying on the spot it finally made it's way into our minds and turned itself into our new (and first full-blown) group project for Anime North 2008.

I had a blast doing this cosplay - it pushed my skills as an armor maker and teached me a lot of valuable lessons on spraypaints and craft foam. :)


The Making:

It was the first project where I really learned the importance of design in cosplay. I can assure you that the time you're spending designing on paper first before you go in and start making parts of the cosplay is always well worth it - it's going to save a bunch of headaches later on.

Once the design was done and I had done my research to find reference pictures (I found very few that brought any added value to the artwork I was first given by my friend)... I started simple or so I thought: part one was the mask. It was easy to do until I hit the paint job. The masking required on this mask to get the right coloring was a long and painful process. But I love the result I got - painter's tape is your friend when using spraypaints.

Lesson #1 - If you pay close attention to your masking, you'll get a very precise paint job that's going to look awesome

Then, after the mask and the crown - I went for the armor... which I always start from the bottom-up. I think it's because most of the time, the leg parts are really simple and I can get those done very quickly and get more motivation once I get to the harder (breastplate) parts.

Lesson #2 - Zippers are your friends when making armor

A little trick I used on this armor so I would be able to put it on if I was alone and could not get any help from anyone around. There is a zipper on the breastplate front - in the middle. The zipper don't show because a removable part goes over it and is attached to the breastplate by snaps. I'm talking about those black plates with the gold lines on it... the silver "rivets" you see on the right and left of the plates are the snaps.

Lesson #3 - Need BIG hands - go get yourself some hockey gloves

Yeah, the big hands of Odin are hockey gloves. I was lucky enough to find some cheap gloves that are all black (no logos on them to paint over). Something I considered for Odin was buying the expensive version of the hockey gloves (made of leather instead of "plastic") just because they would have a better finish. But I decided against it since I wanted to keep the price of the cosplay down and because it would be harder to find some without any logo and everything.

Lesson #4 - Don't want to strangle yourself while wearing a cape - attach it to your armor

The cape is attached to small craft foam part inside the breastplate. This is the only way I found to make that cape fall correctly (it's not perfect I know), and to not strangle myself if it got caught somewhere. It's also one less piece of the costume to put on seperately :)


Everything else is pretty much my usual thing... as you can see in the progress pictures, everything is pretty much made out of craft foam then the finish is achieved through the process explained in my Craft Foam Finish tutorial.


Odin - Cosplay Pictures


Odin - Reference Pictures


Odin - Progress Pictures