Obi-Wan Kenobi



Character Name: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Character Source: Movies - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Material Used:

  • Craft Foam
  • Camping Mats
  • Hot Glue
  • Fabric

Estimated Total Price: 40$ CDN (not including MR Lightsaber)

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The Story:

I was searching for a Star Wars Costume I could put together to fit in a bit more with my pals at the Alliance Impériale and I was looking for something that would be easily recognizable for kids, cheap but still fun to wear. I'd been looking at Clone Troopers suit for a long time but couldn't afford a decent thermoformed one... so when I came across the new Star Wars Animated Movie (The Clone Wars), I looked at Ben Kenobi here and knew I could have the best of both world (wear clone armor, be a face character and keep that costume fairly cheap).

The Making:

So I started with the armor - which are made out of camping mat foam (because I needed a certain thickness for some pieces of the armor - first time I ever used the stuff). I found it simple to work with, but you need to be very careful with that hot glue gun because it melts the foam quite easily (something that doesn't happen with craft foam).

I stayed true to myself and everything you see that's not fabric on this costume is craft foam - the clone armor, the leather belt and pouches, etc. The tunic, glove and tabard is fabric and the underarmor as well - but that's it.

Lightsaber was bought - Hasbro brand, Master Replica quality - converted it myself to a Luxeon LED instead of the LED strip inside the blade, it works very well. I bought the ligthsaber and the parts to convert it from this store: The Custom Saber Shop. It offer a wide variety of products related to lightsaber building and conversion, the service is always very good and orders are shipped very quickly. The shipping is a little steep if you're in Quebec like me, but it's worth it for the quality product that this shop is selling. Also, the shop forums is a wealth of information on lightsaber and eletronics and their users are a bit hard on noobs - so do your homeworks before you ask a question  :)

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