FullMetalSam on TV !!!!!

31/10/2009 12:00

Yep - I'll be on TV.

The TV show is called "Hors Serie" (French TV show) and talks about unconventional topics/people... fans and their "obsessions" being one of the topic. The show featuring Fandom is airing on November 10th at 22h30 Eastern Time on the TV5 Channel. The part of the episode that will cover "cosplay" and the anime fandom will star the MoonRoses, which are friend of mine. Two of my costumes are going to be showcased: Maes Hughes and Space Marine Terminator Chaplain

If you're looking for more information on the show - you can visit their website.

If you missed the show - look on the TV5.ca website, you'll be able to access a streaming version.

Enjoy !!!

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