Maes Hughes - Military Uniform


Character Name: Maes Hughes

Character Source: Anime - Full Metal Alchemist

Material Used:

  • Fabric - cotton twill

Estimated Total Price: 150$ CDN

Related Tutorials: None

The Story:

This is my first ever cosplay - it was made in less than 3 weeks and including time for me to learn to sew :)

Even if it's not the greatest thing I've ever made - it's still very much fun to wear and I usually save it for the Sundays at con where I want a more confortable cosplay.

I picked Maes Hughes as my first cosplay because when I saw that FanExpo ad on TV, I had just finished Full Metal Alchemist and Hughes was my favorite character (well I would have loved to do Alphonse (in armor), but I didn't know where to start and I only had 3 weeks). So I bought the fabric, bought a military outfit pattern and started.


The Making:

The pattern I used was this one: McCall Civil War Uniform (M4745).

It had to be altered a bit to make the jacket shorter (if you're using the same pattern, just using the top pieces for the jacket and leaving out the bottom pieces will not make the jacket long enough - believe me, I tried : P), to the front closure overlap and to include the front "flap". I think I did a great job for a first time.

The pants were made from that same pattern without any alterations.

I winged the butt-cape with tracing a cone shape in 2D (looks like a triangle with a round bottom line) - removed some of the top portion so I had the correct line (waist measurement without a couple of inches) and that's it. It hangs correctly when attached to the belt.

Finally put the white bias tape on and voilà!


What would I do differently if I did this all over again?

1. Use more interfacing

On tutorial I've seen after I had completed this costume - people were putting interfacing everywhere... I don't agree, it doesn't look good. If you want a stronger fabric - use a stronger fabric. But there are some key places where I would use interfacing to make everything fall correctly all the time (making the cosplay "hassle-free", not having to recheck myself every 2 min :)).

2. Use silver bias tape instead of white bias tape

I've seen people used silver bias tape on this outfit and it looks so good - I like my white bias tape, but I would definitely use the silver one next time I do this.

3. Sew the bias tape by hand

It looks so much better - and it's a military outfit it has to be neat.

4. Make pockets

Yeah - I don't have any pockets on this outfit... really a problem when I'm out at cons :)


Maes Hughes - Cosplay Pictures


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