Maes Hughes - Formal Uniform


Character Name: Maes Hughes

Character Source: Anime - Full Metal Alchemist

Material Used:

  • Fabric - cotton twill

Estimated Total Price: 150$ CDN

Related Tutorials: None

The Story:

This is the 3rd costume I made - just because I wanted something a little bit more formal to wear to Anime Boston 07.


The Making:

I built upon the Full Metal Alchemist State Military uniform that I already made for my Maes Hughes costume - reused the pants the military grades (are attached to my jacket with snaps). The only thing I had to make was a new longer jacket and a cap.

For the jacket, I reused the same pattern I had used for my other costume and realtered it to make it longer. I didn't do as great a job here as I did the first time, but it still looks OK. I had a lot of leftover fabric from my first costume (talk about overestimating : P), so making this new jacket was just not a problem.

The cap was a captain cap bought at a costume store and I replaced the white fabirc parts with the blue fabric I used for my jacket.


What would I do differently if I had to remake that cosplay?

1. Use a different pattern for the coat

Like I said, I didn't do a great job at altering the pattern this time around. I would mostly likely pick up a pattern for a longer coat and see what I could do with it. It would probably fall better and overall just look better.

2. Spend more time on the cap

The cap is not to my liking - I think it should look bigger. I would definitely need to spend more time understanding how the fabric needs to be cut and sewed to get the right effect - if it means buying a military surplus cap and taking it apart, I'd do it this time around.


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