Lars Umlaut


Character Name: Lars Umlaut

Character Source: Video Games - Guitar Hero III

Material Used:

  • Stuff lying around  :)

Estimated Total Price: 10$ CDN

Related Tutorials: None

Prize won:

The Story:

This cosplay was done very quickly for Halloween 2008. I needed something new and not too cumbersome to put on at work (yeah because we're allowed to dress up in costume on Halloween) and also because I was organizing a RockBand party on Halloween Night.


I didn't want the cosplay to cost too much and I the only thing I paid for was the cheap wig I picked up at Wal-Mart.


The Making:

Like the story says, the cosplay is all made from stuff that I had lying around. The "armor" that Lars has is all made out of foam from an old camping mat I discovered in my attic. The spikes are made from cereal boxes cardboard reinforced with Hot Glue. The belts I already had because of the monstrous numbers of belt I had found for the Lulu cosplay I did. The guitar is a PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero Controller (that's not working quite well by the way - so now I use it with this costume :P)


Lars Umlaut - Cosplay Pictures


Lars Umlaut - Reference Pictures