30/07/2009 13:26

1 new finished cosplay !

The Terminator is finally done.

I've put the final touches on the paint job yesterday and took some pictures. It's ready for my convention this weekend.

There's a whole lot of things I still want to do on this guy - but they'll have to wait a little bit :)

20/07/2009 09:02

New Tutorial - Leather from Craft Foam

Just published the tutorial that goes with my finishing method - my little trick to create a great leather look from craft foam.



19/07/2009 21:49

New Tutorial - Craft Foam Finishing Method

Well - this was one of my well garded secret :)

Now available to all - enjoy this new tutorial I've just posted

07/06/2009 07:46

First "fit test" for the Terminator

This must be one of the most exciting moment in  any costume project... when the costume becomes "complete enough" to be able to waer it a first time and see how it looks.  Well, this happened last night with the Terminator. Already had to fix something that broke  :)

Took some pictures and posted them in the progress gallery for this project.


27/04/2009 06:49

New Progress Pictures - Terminator Chaplain (Again)

Been working on this beast again the past weekend - getting really close to starting the paint job and working on the fine details.


21/04/2009 06:42

New Progress Pictures - Terminator Chaplain

I've been working a little bit on my Terminator Chaplain.

It has to be ready for WorldCon this summer in Montreal and I still have a lot of work to do :)


I added the pictures - but will be working on the description of the work later.

22/03/2009 07:46

Galleries - Completed

The Galleries section is completed - for now (until I add another costume).

I just finished entering the description for all completed costume and added a specific section on some of them to include ideas on what I would do differently if I ever did that outfit again.


09/03/2009 20:18

New Tutorial - Armor Strapping

Just finished my first tutorial and it is now up and ready for everyone to read.

Let me know what you think by signing the guestbook.


Thanks - FullMetalSam

28/02/2009 17:01

Website Preliminary Lauch

Well - it's time :)

I'm considering this website ready for a preliminary launch... the only thing missing is going to be the domain name which I'm going to buy and setup very shortly.

I also have to work on that tutorial section - but the main stuff is there and ready for the public.

18/02/2009 22:00

My New Website

Working on my website - will publish everything soon :P

Search site


I wanted this website to be my portfolio as well as a guide to the newcomers (and the veterans) to costuming.


But since I put all this together - things have changed... and I moved most of my things over to Facebook - come find me (FullMetalSam) if you're interested to see my newer costumes and tutorials.