Vault Dweller



Character Name: Vault Dweller

Character Source: Fallout 3

Material Used:

  • Fabric
  • Foam 

Estimated Total Price: 100 $ CDN

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The Story:

This one is based on the fact that I wanted a pipboy 3000 so bad... that when it was done, I ended up convincing myself that I should do a vault dweller suit to go with it  :)


The pipboy was an adventure - since I couldn't get my hand on a pipboy clock (and I kind of knew from the beginning it would be way too small for my big meaty arms  :P) - I decided I would try my luck with foam and design one myself. I did and it turned out very well. So like I said, once the pipboy was done, I put together the vault dweller suit. It's not one of my best costume - but it's still worthy to be worn in convention :)

Photo Gallery: Vault Dweller Completed


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Vault Dweller Comments

Date: 01/11/2010

By: SlickTheif

Subject: Prop use

I have to hand it to you, you've done an amazing job!

Ever thought about selling props for those who aren't very good at DIY prop making? I've looked at your pip-boy tutorial and, I'm pretty clumsy, just thought I'd throw the idea out there ^-^

Date: 17/11/2010

By: FullMetalSam

Subject: Re: Prop use

Thanks, I have to say I did think about selling props... but since I mainly work with foam, rebuilding a prop is not as easy as pulling just another cast from a mold. Maybe when my list of project gets down a bit and I have some "free" time :)