Character Name: Shredder

Character Source: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (2003 TV Serie)


Material Used:

  • Foam

Estimated Total Price: 15 $ CDN

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The Story:

Well this is one of the fun little ghetto project that I put together for Halloween 2009.

I had this idea because I saw a guy over the 405th that was putting together a Shredder suit (from the first TV serie of TMNT). It's something I had thought about before, because it's a project idea that was mentionned sometime ago in my costumer group (The Imperial Alliance) and I wanted to do Shredder. But the project never got off the ground and I had forgotten about this... up to now  :)

I have to say that even if I'm a customer and that it goes without saying that I love Halloween... I love it because I can put those ghetto project together and I don't mind wearing them - cause even if those ghetto costume are not International Convention Performance Worthy, I have so much fun putting it together and wearing it afterward... and people are still amazed at what I can do  :)

Shredder - Reference Pictures


Shredder - Progress Pictures