Character Name: Rosette

Character Source: Crono Crusade

Material Used:

  • Fabric
  • Foam

   Estimated Total Price: 100 $ CDN


Related Tutorials: None


The Story:

This costume is obviously one I made for my wife.

However it is quite special for me - it is the first costume that I made from a serie that we "discovered" together. I'm a bit more versed in Anime than mywife and since she started watching Anime - I was showing her my favorite series... that I had already seen.


But this one is a serie I had never watched before and we enjoyed both very much. She loved the character of Rosette Christopher and the sister outfit (not the "battle outfit") - so she bugged me to make it for her. So I did - and mind you, if you ask her, this is NOT a Rosette outfit... she's just one of the other sisters of the Order of Magdalene  :)

Photo Gallery: Rosette Completed