Gears of War



Character Name: Sam Santiago  :)

Character Source: Gears of War - Custom Armor

Material Used:

  • Foam

Estimated Total Price: 180 $ CDN

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The Story

This costume is part of a project I did with the Alliance Imperial guys - it was a project where I was to convince them foam was a great costume media and we could all do wonderful things with it  :)


Since this project is now completed, I think I did convince them  :)


The project was about putting a small squad of Cog Trooper together - we wanted the suit to be custom (so we are trying to represent one of the known characters in any of the games). But even then, we all have our favorite and I think it shows through the suit we've put together.


In this project, my part was building 2 suits (one for me and one for a good friend of mine) and in exchange he would take care of the paint job.

I'm so very happy with the end result - I think this is one of the costume that will get a lot of "wearing time" in the upcoming convention  :)


The Making

To come...


Photo Gallery: Gears of War Completed