Character Name: Auron

Character Source: Video Games - Final Fantasy X

Material Used:

  • Fabric - cotton twill
  • Pleather
  • Craft Foam
  • Miracle brand bead
  • Cardboard
  • Ductape
  • Hot Glue

Estimated Total Price: 250$ CDN

Related Tutorials: None

Price won: Most Attention to Detail - Journeyman at Ac-Cubed 07


The Story:

Auron is my favorite character from the Final Fantasy X game. Dark, mysterious, strong - how could I resist making this cosplay ???  I just couldn't.

I love this cosplay and have not retired it even if it's getting old in cosplay years - but it's mainly because putting Auron together was a learning experience and it doesn't show. Some of my old cosplay are retired 'cause I just see the flaws in them now and just want to redo the whole thing. It's not the case with Auron, I still think it looks quite good.


The Making:

There are 3 part of the cosplay I wanted to look especially good and I spent a lot of time working on them.

  1. The Pauldron: On the other Auron cosplays I've seen, most of the time, the pauldron was just a piece of fabric and ruined the cosplay for me since I think it's such an important part. So I wanted to make mine stand out - I made it from a base of craft foam to give it form and covered with pleather to get the right look.
  2. The Jug: Another part of most Auron cosplays I've seen that was overlooked or just not present. I also wanted this part of my cosplay to be pratical. So I built the jug in cardboard and stuck a plastic water bottle in there. The cork was modified so I could glue the water plastic cap on. To get the right finish - I used a trick thought to me by my sister who uses it to entertain her children - I mixed sand with regular white elmer's glue and painted 2 coats of that over the cardboard and ductape. I didn't even have to paint it :)
  3. The Masamune: I wanted something special as my weapon - so I went with Auron's Ultimate Weapon from the game: the Masamune. As you'll see in the picture it's all cardboard, hot glue and ductape. Not quite what I expected, but still fine. I wanted to stay away from wood as this large a weapon would most likely be quite heavy. However, this cardboard version is not that light - still planning to redo this part of my Auron cosplay in wood... we'll see if I ever get the time :)


Here are other things I learned with this cosplay:

  • Craft foam can be used to give fabric parts a little depth (the green part of the belt looked like it had raised diamonds designs all over - went and stick craft foam in my green belt and sewed over that to get the diamond shapes)
  • Hot Glue doesn't work that well with Pleather - if you are going the vinyl (pleather) over foam way... hot glue can get you part of the way, but you need something else for a durable cosplay
  • Bias Tape should be sown by hand - well 1 side can be machine-sewed, but the other side just has to be sewed by hand, it looks sooooooooooo much better... TRUST ME!!!
  • The easiest thing you can think about is usually the way to go - special thanks to my sister :)


Auron - Cosplay Picture


Auron - Reference Pictures


Auron - Progress Pictures