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22/03/2013 17:00

I've moved !!! :)

Hi guys,   Just wanted to let people stumbling upon this website - that I stopped coming here. I've transfered everything over to my facebook page: FullMetalSam   I've left everything here as it is... and won't be updating anymore. If you want to contact me - it as easy as sending me a...
27/09/2010 07:52

The replica prop forum

This is where I've been spending a lot of my time lately. It's a great place to see amazing builds of costumes, movie props or models.   Have a look and come and share your own builds!!!
18/08/2010 12:41

2010 Completed Costume are up!

I have just added 4 new costumes that I completed during 2010. Two of them were debuted at Otakuthon 2010 - this past weekend.   Enjoy !!!
15/07/2010 17:42

A new look... a new beginning

It's time for me to come back to my website... I had left it alone for a while - real life got in the way.   I discovered that helping people really drives me - I love being able to post a link to one of my tutorials in a forums and feeling like it really helped. So, I've revamped the look,...
08/01/2010 06:39

My last costume of 2009...

Well, 2009 has ended and I just completed a costume I mostly worked on during the Christmas Holiday period. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while... like since I first watched a Star Wars movie - however at that time I wasn't into costuming at all  :)    But since...
31/10/2009 12:00

FullMetalSam on TV !!!!!

Yep - I'll be on TV. The TV show is called "Hors Serie" (French TV show) and talks about unconventional topics/people... fans and their "obsessions" being one of the topic. The show featuring Fandom is airing on November 10th at 22h30 Eastern Time on the TV5 Channel. The part of the episode that...
24/09/2009 14:18

The 357th exist and it has a logo !!!

One more costume added to the gallery section: Spartan Armor from Halo 3 This one made its first sortie with the rest of the 357th (imaginary company that spawned from the group project that created the armor) at ComicCon Montreal this past weekend. It's always fun to be part of a group while...
26/08/2009 21:04

A little update...

Was going through my website one day and found out that I had "evolved" a little since I first wrote my Introduction.  I went ahead and updated it to a bit more current :)
18/08/2009 08:41

New tutorial - General Craft Foam information

Just finished putting together a new tutorial... well it's not really a tutorial perse - but will (I hope) give you useful information on how to use craft foam to get you the result you want. Don't forget to leave me some feedback in my guestbook.
06/08/2009 22:24

New Pictures Added - Terminator

I've just posted some new pictures of the Terminator that were taken at Otakuthon 09 (during the costume debut :P). Most of them were taken by BadgerPhotography (follow the link to get to his Facebook page). Enjoy

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