About Me 

A Description:

Self-Proclaimed the Craft Foam Cosplayer, I'm trying with every cosplay to push the use of craft foam a little bit further. I've been using craft foam in most of my cosplays and people are always amazed at what I can do with it.

I just love the stuff - it's cheap and gives me the opportunity of making  everything I want with an acceptable "error margin" (if you don't succeed the first time - there's most likely a way to fix it and make it look good).

The main purpose of my website is to let everyone know how wonderful craft foam is and how to use it properly so it gives you the results you're expecting for your cosplay.


My Story:

I stumbled on costuming and convention and all that good stuff at the end of 2006. I saw a FanExpo ad on the Space TV Channel and decided I just needed to go. It was 3 weeks before the con and I had just finished Full Metal Alchemist. So I found time to put together 2 State Military Uniforms for me and a friend and went to FanExpo to see what all the hype was about.

I just loved the experience and has been hooked ever since.

I've been digging deeper in costuming and started participating in Masquerades in various North American (mostly Canadian - since I'm from Quebec) Cons. I found out that costuming was just one part of the fun - getting up on stage and making people laugh is another passion of mine now. I've won various prices for my cosplays but the ones I am most proud of are Most Creative Use of Materials for Parn and Most Attention to Details for Auron.


Still aiming for that Master title - but I'm slowly moving on... not from costuming, but from the original goals I had when I started. I see all the good that it can bring to my community (local and global one) and now I'm building my costumes with the purpose of using them in fundraisers or for noble causes. I'm a proud member of The Alliance Imperiale and Beyond Dreams Cosplay since both those groups are helping me take my costuming to the next level in different ways.


A Little Update...

Well - this introduction was written back when I first "launched" the website. Since then, I have some more costumes under my belt and have now earned the Master Title at a Regional convention (Best in Show - when entered in the Master Division at Otakuthon 2009) and also earned the Master Title at an International Convention (Best in Class Presentation - Journeyman Division at WorldCon 2009). This doesn't change the fact that I'm still working on costumes and I have a lot of projects that I want to make into reality. The force that drives me is my passion to take an idea and make it real... and then use it to help friends, family, community.


I hope to see you at my next event !


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